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We've found that certain factors make organizations a good fit for The Lean Office. To find out if it will be an effective tool for your organization, complete the short assessment below. For each statement, choose 1-9 based on your level of agreement.

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Congratulations! Your organization's Lean journey is far enough along that The Lean Office is right for you. See below for your results or click here to schedule a live demo.

Unfortunately, your organization is not a good candidate for immediate implementation of The Lean Office. See below for your results and areas that will need improvement before implementing The Lean Office can be a success for your organization.

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Based on the answers you provided, The Lean Office is perfectly built to help your organization's Lean Management System become more productive, sustainable, and visible. Request a free demo today!

If you'd like assistance locating outside help with these parts of your organization's Lean journey, feel free to reach out and we can connect you to some experts.

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